New UASB installed!

In order to minimize the land footprint of our technology and further improve economics (by producing valuable biogas,) Aquanos has recently incorporated a new UASB reactor into our process pilot. The new Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket reactor was designed and constructed from scratch and installed in a concrete settling basin at our demonstration site in Rishon LeZiyon. Even though UASB systems can reach much higher rates of clearance and methane production than other anaerobic digesters, this is only second time that state-of-the-art UASB technology has been deployed in Israel. The new reactor will assist us in reducing the organic loading of our treatment system by up to 70% before it enters the algae-oxygenated process, all while producing valuable biogas! Thanks to Saar, Bijo and all of our other valuable assistants on the UASB project!