World Water Works Invests in Aquanos Energy

Pollutionsolutions-online reports that Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based World Water Works, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of wastewater treatment solutions, is making an investment in Aquanos Energy, Ltd, an Israeli-based company that has designed a patent-pending algae-based treatment process for wastewater purification and renewable energy production.

Aquanos’ technology is based on the symbiotic relationship between bacteria and algae, where bacteria supplies carbon dioxide to the algae, and algae provides oxygen to the bacteria. In this process, both remove impurities from wastewater and, according to the manufacturers, this process reduces a wastewater treatment system’s operational costs by 40-60 percent as well as significantly reducing capital expenditures.

“I see this technology as a significant disruptor in the wastewater industry, and we are very excited about this partnership,” said World Water Works President & CEO Mark Fosshage. “Our core technology will help complement their process to take the technology to the next level by producing sellable products.”