The Aqwind team

Our management team consists of accomplished industry professionals in the water and wastewater markets.  All of our team members hold technical diplomas with decades of combined hands-on experience in design, building, commissioning, and top management positions within the market.

Udi Leshem


Udi earned an MSc. degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Following his graduation, he had become acquainted with both the technical aspects of the water market through a consultant position in a leading consulting firm job and of the commercial aspects of the field through his position as a sales manager for Siemens Water Technologies. Udi served as VP for Business Development and marketing in Aqwise, a company that specializes in wastewater treatment. In this position, Udi was in charge of both development of new markets and establishing strategic relationships and commercialization of the company's new products


Gilad Yogev


Gilad holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Gilad brings experience in research and knowledge of biological processes in wastewater treatment, water chemistry and environmental microbiology. Following his graduation, Gilad joined Aquanos to develop innovative solutions for algae-based wastewater treatment.