Why Aqwind?


High effluent quality

Usage of algae as oxygen source - 90% reduction in the plant aeration energy

Simple construction

30 to 50% cost savings in CAPEX and OPEX

 compared to existing wastewater treatment technologies

Robust and simple to operate process

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Resource Harvesting

The potential energy in wastewater has been widely documented. In general, wastewater contains chemical, thermal, and kinetic energy as well as nutrients that may be recovered.  Chemical energy refers to the energy content stored in the organic components of wastewater.  Thermal energy is the heat energy contained in the wastewater, and hydraulic energy refers to the potential energy or kinetic energy of flowing water.

In the most wastewater treatment operations organic material (chemical energy) is consumed by aerobic microorganisms. In order to supply oxygen to those aerobic microorganisms air blowers are used, which are large consumers of electricity.  In the United States alone, wastewater treatment is consuming about 25 billion kWh. 

While different treatment technologies and wastewater treatment plant designs are trying to recover energy, water or nutrients,(e.g. anaerobic digestion, nutrient recovery from effluent) no single process beside the Aquanos process, has been developed to allow for harvesting all of these resources in a cost effective manner.  The Aquanos algae-based wastewater treatment maximizes the recovery of these resources, and can be applied to wastewater treatment plants of all sizes.  Our technology enables wastewater treatment plant owners convert their processes from ones that continuously expend money and energy to a process that recovers energy and earns a profit.

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